ECO Excellence Award at the Biograd Boat Show

In the 25 years of its existence, BBS dictated trends, brought together business people, educated, and entertained us all together. For its 25th birthday, BBS received another important note, which is sustainable navigation as a priority for behavior at sea in the future.

We all already know very well that our eco system is shaking and that it is high time that as a society, and especially as individuals and charter owners, we must start treating the sea, the air and the earth as the mother of  life. Our activities, wherever we are and whatever we do, leave a negative ecological footprint. This is precisely why BBS launched an action in which it singled out 18 candidates  who, with their projects, activism  or ecologically sustainable products, deserved to be nominated for the ECO Excellence Award. Here are all 18 candidates:

  • ALMI - Eco cleaning products/system for separating gray and black water
  • ATAL NAUTIKA - Electric and hybrid powered vessels
  • BRODOMEHANIKA - Mac Glide anti fouling eco foils 
  • EMERGENSEA HELP - Help at sea/Promotion of sustainable navigation and eco activism  
  • FOLFANATIC KFC - Eco cleaning products and coatings 
  • GREEN SAIL - Association/Measurement of carbon footprint in charter fleets
  • GREEN LINE - Electric powered vessels
  • GTECHNIQ - LLUMAR – Eco products for the maintenance of interior and exterior surfaces of vessels
  • HEMPEL - Innovative Eco antifouling 
  • ISTRAMARINE - Eco products for polishing and washing vessels
  • IZOXECO PROJECT - The project of converting non-recyclable plastic into pontoons and walls.
  • MERCURY MARINE - Electric outboard motors
  • PITTER YACHTING - Electric powered sailboat
  • ROTO - Electric powered catamaran pontoon
  • SOLUS - Battery converters for voltage 220V
  • TEMPERAMENT - Battery vehicles for various purposes - an electronic nautical newspaper and Adria Libar - an educational institution in cooperation with the Biograd Boat Show team took care of this ecological campaign at the fair. A three-member jury consisting of Milan Šangulin, CEO of BBS, Capt. Igor Šegota and Dragan Dešpalj, CEO of EmergenSea, had an easy job, considering that among the candidates for the ECO Excellence Award was also a mega project called IZOXECO, which, in addition to numerous awards at all fairs in Europe and the USA, is also the owner of the Leonardo Da Vinci Award that is awarded every 12 years for exceptional achievements.

IZOXECO briefly

With the growing problem of plastic waste pollution, our oceans and earth are under great threat from plastic waste that cannot be recycled and micro-plastics that enter marine ecosystems and poison the earth. This priceless project is a light on the horizon because Josip and Monika Šincek have developed an internationally awarded technology that turns non-recyclable plastic into building materials for innovative products such as their floating pontoons, house walls, dams for various purposes, tombs and the like. More information at this link: IZOXECO

For its 25th birthday, the Biograd Boat Show grew by 20% in size (although all who have been exhibiting at the fair for years believed that the fair could no longer expand) precisely thanks to the new pontoons made by this group for the needs of the fair.

EmergenSea ECO

Within the conference part of the fair, the EmergenSea EKO group and Adria Libar held a presentation "Save the planet - Let's start on our boat" about sustainable navigation, which is just an indication of the group's future actions and ambitions. The following participated in the presentation:

  1. Monika Šincek bacc. ing. evol. sust. - IZOXECO i Tipos Resurs owner
  2. Dr. sc. Jadranka Šangulin - Head of Dep. of Environmental Protection IPH Zadar
  3. Igor Šegota - captain
  4. Marija Jurica - diving instructor
  5. Dragan Dešpalj - CEO EmergenSea

The goal of the presentation was to inform and educate private boat owners and managers of charter companies and, through changing habits, to start the path of reducing our negative footprint on nature, especially on the sea. Through practical advice that is not demanding and through the education of your own children, reduce the negative individual impact on the marine ecosystem. The EmergenSea EKO group has big ideas for the future, so together with a few more environmentally conscious people, it is preparing big actions that will be presented at the fair in Biograd next year.

Photo: Burza Nautike and archive