New SILENT-YACHTS solar electric catamaran with Volkswagen´s electric drive matrix

New SILENT-YACHTS solar electric catamaran comes with Volkswagen´s electric drive matrix

SILENT-YACHTS produce the first fully solar-sustainable oceangoing production catamaran yachts in the world. Exclusively powered by solar energy and capable of cruising up to 100 miles per day. The new solar electric catamaran will offer noiseless navigation and unlimited cruising range with alternative propulsion systems.

SILENT-YACHTS will develop a solar electric catamaran which is powered by Volkswagen´s modular electric drive matrix MEB. The vessel will be designed by the Barcelona’s progressive car brand CUPRA.

“I’m happy to cooperate with our partners on this exciting new project,” said Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of SILENT-YACHTS. “Volkswagen Group is one of the most advanced players on the electric cars market and I am sure together we can make something really special on the water.”

The company has been building boats for 10 years. During the last three years, they have delivered more than a dozen solar powered catamarans. In February 2018, the SILENT 64 cruised the North Atlantic in 16 days, with no sun for over a week. 

SILENT-YACHTS’ current range: SILENT 44, SILENT 55, SILENT 60, SILENT 80 and 80 Tri-Deck ranging from 13 to 24 meters in length.