The 4th Croatian Chamber of Commerce Nautical Days congress

During the fair, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce held its 4th Days of Croatian Nautical with sessions of marinas, small shipbuilding, charter service providers, tourist shipowners, and the Diving Tourism Association, ie all representatives of the real sector of nautical industry and tourism. Croatian nautical business stakeholders had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure and the Croatian National Tourist Board and present their results, but also concerns and requests for government support.

At the session of the Association of Boat Accommodation Service Providers - charter HGK, Paško Klisović, president of the association, presented the data on the realization of 50 percent of last year's turnover, but a drop of 65% in revenues because most deals were agreed through more favorable last minute prices. decline in the coming time. Therefore, they asked for the support of the Government, and pointed out the payment of berths in marinas as a problem. Partial or complete exemption of marinas from concession fees was requested, in order to transfer part of that support to charter companies, which was discussed by HGK Vice President Dragan Kovačevic and representatives of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, announcing that new measures are being agreed. Sean Lisjak was re-elected president of the Marine Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, and he made the same request as the need for marinas to prepare for the season, but also to help charterers, and the standard request of marinas to reduce VAT. 

By the way, stakeholders from all segments of the nautical industry expressed the opinion that this year, and the sudden interruption of their work at the end of August due to "relaxation" and the spread of the epidemic, is a lesson for the future. Estimates tell them of at least 150 million euros in losses as a result, and without the fault of sailors who were epidemiologically and remain the safest and most desirable to guests.