The Razjaren crew celebrated at the Mornar's Cro Melges 24 Cup

The Razjaren crew with helmsman Anto Ćesić won the Mornar CRO Melges 24 Cup, the first regatta of the autumn part of the CRO Melges 24 Cup season, which was organized last weekend in Split by the Mornar sailing club with the partnership of NatureSafe Marine. The second place in the overall ranking went to the crew of Mataran 24 with helmsman Anto Botica, while third was Point One with helmsman Karl Kuret. In the Corinthian competition, the first was Zen (Kolja Dumanić) ahead of Tutto Forza (Niko Jakovčev) and Blue Label (Petar Smojver).

As the newest ship in the fleet, Razjaren furiously started the Mornar’s Regatta. In Saturday's light and medium mistral program, Ante Ćesić's crew had no competition. In three sailings, they achieved a hat-trick, three clear victories with a speed that was an unsolvable enigma for the other 11 crews. As there was no sailing on Sunday due to the lack of wind, the Razjaren crew registered their second victory of the year in the CRO Melges 24 Cup after Biograd.

The Sailor CRO Melges 24 Cup was a dream debut for us, we sailed in Split with a new boat and a new crew. The starts were superbly executed, the tactical decisions timely, but the key to our triple victory was the excellent work of the crew. They have all the praise from me,' said Ante Ćesić, helmsman of CRO 867 Razjaren.

After a long time, Point One was also on the podium. With three third places, Karl Kuret's crew won bronze in the overall competition.

„Without false modesty, the Point One crew aims at least a place on the podium in every regatta. I am very pleased that we achieved this in Split in competition with crews such as Mataran, Razjaren and Panjić, who are certainly among the top Melges 24 at the world level. When you remove one of them, it means that you sailed very well', pointed out Karlo Kuret, helmsman of CRO 759 Point One.

Mornar CRO Melges 24 Cup results: 1. Razjaren 3, 2. Mataran 24 9, 3. Point One 9, 4. Panjić 13, 5. Makako 24 16, 6. Sugar Daddy 18, 7. Zen 24, 8. Tutta Forza 25, 9. Joyrunner 27, 10. Blue Label 27, 11. Palmina 29, 12. Orage 34.